AQ Advanced Complex Hair Treatment

Our professional treatment is fast, easy and effective. Treatment duration is approximately an hour and there are 5 visits, each visit being a week apart, this 5 week course would be referred to a course. On each of the visit your scalp would be derma stamped and the growth factor advanced hair complex will be applied to the skin, there will be nothing for you to do after you leave in terms of aftercare however some clients may be provided with a take home serum.

The AQ patented growth factor is scientifically conditioned to help your hair follicles stimulate production of hair growth.

Derma stamping is excellent for those clients who have been suffering from hair loss, have fine hair or have been slowly losing their hair. When someone is losing hair it can be a scary and terrifying experience, so the last thing a person would want is to carry out invasive surgery or complicated treatments. Our derma stamp method is quick, easy and has very little pain involved.  There is no need to shave the hair, take any samples or use anaesthetic and it is safe for both men and women with no ‘drug like’ or hormonal side effects.

The advanced hair complex serum which is applied after the treatment area nourishes the hair follicles back to the state of ideal health. Healthy hair grows from the follicles which are surrounded by stem cells, these are crucial for the development of healthy hair, without these stem cells you will have poor/little hair growth. The advanced hair complex is full of growth factor cells which are designed to support the stem cells for the production of healthy hair. Not only does the advanced hair complex help to grow hair it will also condition your scalp.

AQ Advanced Hair Complex 

AQ Advanced Hair Complex is a natural growth factor serum that targets conditions of thinning hair, hardening of the scalp, and weakening of the hair follicles. It is designed to restore the health of hair follicles by nourishing them with a complex formulation present in healthy young follicles. The formula aids to deliver nutrition to the scalp, which increases circulation around the hair shaft and encourages the restoration of damaged hair follicles.

When will I see results?

Results vary on each individual, but most see results after 8 weeks following treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

We recommend a course of 5 treatments taken at weekly intervals. Results cannot be seen until around 8 weeks later & for best results we recommend 3 complete courses. 

What is the skin appearance after the treatment?

The area treated will be red straight after the treatment. The skin can stay slightly pink for a maximum of a couple of days, but most of the time this should fade within 24 hours or so.

What can I do for best results?

We advise to use SIS Free Shampoo, avoid silicone based products and limit hair styling before and after your treatments.

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